Touchdown in Karlstad

So here we are, in the Swedish city of Karlstad and ready to take on the world (literally) at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship and World Senior Curling Championships. After a smooth trip from the UK to Oslo, we drove from the Norwegian capital, across the border to Karlstad.


Tomorrow the seniors start play at the Karlstad curling club with the ladies taking on Australia 12.30 pm and the men up against Poland at 8.30am UK time.

The mixed doubles will be starting on Saturday with Anna and Ben playing against Romania in their first game in the Loftbergs arena at 3pm UK time. The mixed doubles schedule is as follows for the week ahead, and you can catch England vs Japan live on YouTube on Tuesday 19th at 16.45pm UK time.

WEMDCC schedule

We’ll be keeping the blog up to date over the week with all the news from Karlstad. You can also find regular updates on Facebook, Twitter  and live updates on the official websites | In addition to this, 23 of the mixed doubles games will be streamed LIVE on YouTube – link here .

Here are the England team lists:

Senior Men:

Fourth – Tommy Campbell (Skip)
Third – Andy Taylor (Vice-skip)
Second – David Sillito
Lead – Alastair Fyfe
Alternate – John Brown

Coach – Elaine Turnbull

Senior Ladies:

Fourth – Judith Dixon (Skip)
Third – Joan Reed (Vice-skip)
Second – Val Saville
Lead – Debbie Higgins
Alternate – Helen Forbes

Coach – John Brown

Mixed Doubles:

Anna Fowler

Ben Fowler

Coach – Nigel Patrick




One comment

  1. John Brown · April 14, 2016

    Ladies first game is against Australia not Austria!!!!


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