In Profile – Hetty Garnier


Hetty at the WJCC in Talinn, 2015

Hetty Garnier, aged just 19, has already racked up 71 caps and has played for England since the age of 13! Not only has she had an unbelievable run at juniors, skipping the girls to the Junior World Championships for the first time in English history earlier this month, but she also won a bronze medal in her first appearence at senior level in the European Curling Championships B Group in 2013.


We are so proud of Hetty’s achievements for English curling and of course everyone wants to know more about her many years of curling so far!


Position in team: Skip


Years Curled: 11


How did you first get into curling?


I first started curling when a friend invited me to the rink with her about 8 years ago.


Where do you now play most of your curling?


Fenton’s Rink is where I practice most often, unfortunately there are no rinks near Bristol.


What is your best curling memory?


One of my best curling memories is winning bronze in the 2013 Europeans Women’s B Group. We were a new team and it was my first experience of a senior tournament so we did really well to come away with a medal- my first ever European medal- so the whole week was great.


What has been your proudest moment whilst representing England?

Hatty skiped the England junior girls at the WJCC in Talinn, 2015

Hatty skiped the England junior girls at the WJCC in Talinn, 2015


My proudest moment was definitely winning the EJCC earlier this year, it was the first time an English Girls team had qualified for the World Championships, and it was incredible to feel like all our years of hard work had paid off.


Who is your inspiration?


I find the standard of Canadian curling very inspirational, especially teams like Jennifer Jones’ who has won Olympic gold and the Scotties in the last year.


Who do you think the best curler in the world is?


I think the best curler in the world right now is probably Brad Jacobs, he’s achieved so much in the last couple of years and can pull off any shot.


Describe your pre-match routine.


Before a game we try to get to the rink at least an hour early so we have time to get changed, find somewhere to warm up and put on some music to get up pumped up while we’re stretching. A couple of years ago we made up this dance thing where we kick our feet together which is really good for getting warmed up. After that we have a quick recap of our tactics and get into the game mentally before we head out onto the ice for pre-game practice.


Have you ever had a curling related disaster?


At the 2010 EJCC we didn’t win any games, which you might call a disaster!


Do you have any tips for juniors and less experienced curlers?


For any less experienced curlers, I would recommend playing as much as possible, especially in league games and tournaments to get tactical experience and to perfect your technique. It also helps to watch games on the world curling YouTube channel so you can see how the top teams in the world play and familiarise yourself with their strategies.


What do you do when you aren’t curling?


When I’m not curling I’ll be doing uni work, or keeping active playing tennis or hockey.


What do you love about your team?


I love the fact that because we’ve all been curling together since we were really young we have a really fun time when we go away for competitions, we always laugh non-stop.


What are your strengths and weaknesses on the ice?


My main strength is hitting which I have always preferred. My main weakness is now probably sweeping as I have been playing skip for the last couple of seasons so have managed to avoid doing it!


What do you love about curling?


I love the fact that curling is so social, you get to know everyone. Also it allows you to travel a lot with your team which is a lot of fun.



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