World Mixed Doubles and World Seniors Championships 2014



John Sharp skipped the England Senior men

The World Senior Championships were held at Dumfries in April and we had a team entered in both men’s and women’s.

The men (John Sharp, Tommy Campbell, Keith Wilson, Alastair Fyfe and Mike Robinson) who had won the English Championship in December, topped their section and thus reached the quarter finals where they lost to Australia after a pick-up in the 7th end turned a probable score of 3 shots into a score of 1 for the opposition.

Their results were as follows:

Won against USA (8-5), Finland (7-4), Czech Republic (7-4), Hungary (11-5), Russia (7-6), New Zealand (9-3)

Lost against Scotland (7-8), Australia (4-7)


England also had a senior ladies team in Dumfries

The women’s team (Jean Robinson, Judith Dixon, Jackie Orr, Susan Young and Debbie Higgins) only came together quite late and had never all played together before although 4 of them had a weekend in Kent in March and played a couple of practice games.

They were very pleased, therefore, to win 3 games out of 7 which tied them in 4th place in their section on games won though their Draw Shot Challenge score meant that they were ranked 6th in the group and 12th overall.

Their results were:

Won against Czech Republic (6-5), Austria (7-4), Japan (7-4)

Lost against USA (4-9), Sweden (3-6), Slovakia (1-7), New Zealand (1-9)



Brian Zachary and Angharad Ward played in the Mixed Doubles


Our Mixed Doubles champions, Bryan Zachary and Angharad Ward, had a tough time at the World Championships in Dumfries in April winning just one game though they had a number of close games which they just failed to win but overall their final finishing position was a disappointment to them.

Won against Denmark (11-7)

Lost against Russia (5-6 after extra end), Hungary (3-9), Austria (4-15), South Korea (2-10), Wales (7-10), Italy (2-8), Belarus (8-9)

The World Championship saw the debut of Brazil in international competition.

Congratulations to all three teams.


By John Brown.



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